child photographer raleigh NC Mason & Carter


Child Photographer Raleigh NC:  What a FUN session I had with Mason and Carter!  Looking for turtles and baby geese!  It really doesn’t get much better  than that.  What a fun memory for these boys and their mom to remember such wonderful times here in their grandmothers backyard.   I imagine years from now while looking back at these memories, it will be so special!   Mason and Carter come here often for a fun time of searching for turtles, I joined in this time to capture all the fun!  When I was little I used to hunt for any type of animal or creature, I wasn’t afraid at all, but when the turtle started crawling up Carter arm before I got my shot I went to grab the turtle and my knees got weak!!  Funny how children have no fear and as we get older we get more and more hesitant around small creatures!  I better get used to it as my own little boy keeps getting bigger and I am sure I will be holding more and more turtles!  haha!  I just love the way the sky is reflecting off this gorgeous pond!  We could not have had a more beautiful night.


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