newborn photographer raleigh nc/ samantha


Newborn Photographer Raleigh NC:  I have been waiting 9 months for this session!  Sweet, sweet Samantha is such a beautiful baby, and I am such a proud Auntie!  Samantha is known for smiling, but when we were in my room and I placed her on her mommies chest she let out the BIGGEST smile imaginable!  It truly was the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed, so happy to have captured it for them to have forever.  The image of her on the white zigzag blanket is so special too, it is James baby blanket.  As soon as I saw it, when they received it from James’ mom, I knew we had to do something special with it!  Samantha was playing a trick on me and it took me a while to get this pose, but all I had was time, being in my own house, so I won!  I am sure she will be glad in the future 🙂 .  Samantha you are so loved by everyone and I can’t wait to be your Auntie and Photographer for years to come!

“FIRST we had each other, then we had YOU, now we have EVERYTHING”

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